"In the loneliest of places, God is with me. In the darkest places, God is with me. In my weakest of times, God is with me. In the confusion, God is with me. God constantly meets me where I am just to bring me back home to him! There is no love that can compare to this kind of love He has for me! It's a kind of love that says, 'I don't care how gross and dirty you are, I will get into that mess and wrap my arms around you and bring you home!'" God is steadfast, which is defined as, "firm in purpose or unwavering". His steadfast love is not only resolute and firm, it is faithful, constant, devoted, and committed. And it endures forever! Because He is steadfast, we should also strive to be steadfast. We can do this by clinging to the truths that the Lord has provided through the Bible, pursuing others with reckless love, and glorifying the Lord through our conversations and actions. David writes in Pslam 51: 10 saying, "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me". What is preventing you from accepting God's steadfast love? And, what is preventing you from being steadfast in God himself?