Have you ever wondered: Why does the desert play a significant role in the Bible?

God speaks to people in the desert because it is a place of intimacy, contemplation, and where we learn how to be dependent on the Lord. The desert, an isolated place lacking much life, teaches reliance. How we "survive" in the desert symbolically represent our relationship with God. There are two the Lord...OR wander on your own in a place that lacks life. This place of dependence is where the Lord spoke to His people. There is order and life where God speaks. When God brings us into the desert, there is a meaning and reason, so embrace it and listen! Trust Him!

All of the biblical godly role models were tested in the desert at some point in their life...

Moses lived & traveled in the desert. The children of God (Israelites) wandered in the desert. David was chased in the desert. Jesus was tested in the desert. And, Paul went through the desert.

// Questions //

Have you gone through a "desert"?

Did you rely on the Lord while going through it? If so, did you ultimately find life and hope in Him?

or...Did you choose to go through it alone? If so, did you struggle to find life and hope in whatever else you relied on?