Let's start off with a little story...

There once were two nations, the Israelites & the Philistines, that were constantly at war with one another. Our story begins when they both were preparing for battle. (Setting: two hills/mountains with a valley separating them) Everyday, a huge Philistine named Goliath would threaten the Israelites. The Israelites and their king, Saul, were terrified. This huge Goliath dude decided to cut them a deal: send one of your men to fight me...if y'all win, we become yall's slaves...BUT, if we win, y'all become our slaves. All seemed hopeless. Who could possibly defeat this giant!?! No Israelite soldier seemed prepared for the job. Saul was scared. And, the Israelites were scared. But, a little shepherd boy named David was ready. Strong in the Lord, David stepped up to the task. David knew that THE LORD WOULD ALWAYS BE BY HIS SIDE, so there was NO REASON TO FEAR. However, King Saul feared for David and tried to protect him with heavy armor. David wasn't very keen on the idea. Finally, David went out to a little stream in the valley and collected 5 smooth rocks. With God, a rock, and his sling, David defeated Goliath. The Israelites were free! (see 1 Samuel 17 for biblical version)

In this passage, we clearly are exposed to the main difference between King Saul & David. Saul was a worrier, but David was a warrior. These two characteristics are essential to how we live our own lives: you can be a worrier or a warrior. A worrier ultimately doesn't trust God's perfect plan & always looks to the future with fear of failure. On the other hand, A WARRIOR TRUSTS GOD'S PLANS & LOOKS TO THE FUTURE WITH BOLDNESS & HOPE. God uses Goliath to expose Saul & Davids character. Similarly, GOD USES "GOLIATH'S" (hardships) TO EXPOSE OUR HEARTS.

When I was in Israel recently, I had the opportunity of visiting the stream that David picked up his 5 stones from. This moment was very special because I too picked up 5 stones. I have 4 in my bedroom and 1 in my backpack. Each day, I see these rocks, and they always remind me to be a warrior for Christ. They are so little, but they speak so loud to me. I also encourage you to find something that reminds you to be a warrior for Christ! 

Comment below how you remind yourself of how to be a warrior for Christ !!!

// Questions //

Are you a worrier or a warrior?

Do you live by fear or by faith?