Your identity is your destiny:

What you put your identity in ultimately defines you. Your relationships, talents, & things you listen to shape and mold you. Recently, I've realized that I've been concentrating my focus on what others are saying or might be saying about me, instead of listening to what God says about me. Truth be told I was telling myself that I am unloved, weak, & not beautiful. I was drowning in these lies this past week, but thankfully God reminded me of His love. If we look at what God first said about himself in Exodus to Moses, He calls himself "I am". This simple claim holds so much truth. When we say to ourselves "I am weak", we are calling God weak. That is impossible. Let's be real, God can never be anything negative. Therefore, everything about US can not be negative because anything after the phrase "I am" describes an outstanding quality of the Lord! All of our characteristics should be rooted in Christ. God showed me that I am loved, strong, & beautiful! All that matters is how God defines you. And, He defines us as His children & ambassadors. So, as a child of Christ, I am dedicated to being a light for Him wherever I am. Remember, we are defined by what we place our hope in, and it ultimately impacts our future.

This was just my take away from my struggles this week. God totally turned those struggles into a sweet learning moment!