Blessed. A simple word that means so much. For me, I am blessed by a heavenly Father through things that might seem so small but yet are so incredibly life changing. For example, I don't have to worry if my water isn't filtered or if I will have food for my next meal. It's insane to think that other people in this world, whether they are from your home town or a third world country, have to worry about the bare necessities of survival. While, on the other hand, I am in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, worrying about whether I am getting a fancy camera for Christmas. We all have a hard time of being content right where we are, but taking the time to reflect on how stinking blessed we are makes us appreciate everything we already have - a home, a family, friends, etc.

A few years ago one of my camp counselors told my cabin to "count EVERYTHING as a blessing". Huh? Count EVERYTHING as a blessing? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Any bad thing life could throw you started rushing through my mind - poverty, divorce, disability, etc. Then I took a step back and thought...How can I count everything as a blessing? How can I find the positive in every situation? And most importantly...How can I find God & his perfect plan in everything? This "saying" has stuck with me, and it is a great reminder that everything (even the hardest trials) I go through on earth is part of God's perfect plan for me. God uses each situation to personally mature us in strange ways...remember everything you go through on earth is happening for a reason! In these hard moments, we each have the choice to either abide in the Lord and grow in Him OR to reject Him. Which will you choose? I choose to count everything as a blessing! Even the trials.

I want to give yall a few examples: As many of yall know, I am a cheerleader. One of the leadership position you can have on our team is Chaplain. For these past two years, I really tried pursuing the role of Chaplain, but each year I was not chosen. This was a door shut in my face, and each year I was very disappointed. I used to wonder why I wasn't qualified enough for this position, but through some reflection time with the Lord, I came to realize that it wasn't that I wasn't qualified. God ultimately had another use/plan for me on the be a follower. Ewwwww! I hated that word because I always wanted to lead (and sometimes I still do...still working on it). But, God is constantly teaching me how to submit to authority, and His lessons are the blessings I counted in this situation. Also! Thanks to God's AWESOME plan...I probably would not have created a blog in the first place. God knows exactly where He wants to use me, and this blog is definitely a great platform! Another example came from this past week. My close friend and I were discussing her struggles in school from her dyslexia. She explained how she studies so unbelievably hard but does not get her desired grades. When she said this, I remembered she was one of the hardest workers I've ever met. I then told her my favorite saying (count everything as a blessing) and explained that by God placing this huge obstacle in her life, she has become an extremely hard worker that inspires SO many girls around her! 

Be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life because they are all blessings from the Lord. He cares greatly for you & for everyone else on earth. Use your blessings well & bring glory the God's kingdom. Have a great Thanksgiving!