If I am going to start a blog about an AMAZING savior, then I probably should start off explaining who this savior is! Hold on tight because I am about to tell you the most life changing story!

Let's start from the beginning...

Creation? Evolution? There is a lot of debate about HOW this spectacular earth came to be. Personally, I believe every stinking thing on this earth points to a God. (I could go on and on about why, but I don't think you want to read a thousand page blog...) Anyways, this God created humans to take care of and enjoy His outstanding creation, but mankind messed up this perfect world because they believed their way was better than God's (see Genesis 3). This is when sin comes into the picture...Every single human on this earth has sinned (except for one). It's a fact. We are not perfect. And, this imperfection creates a HUGE divide between us and God. Now comes the crazy part! Remember like 3 sentences earlier how I mentioned there was one individual who has never sinned? Well, that would be Jesus, who was fully man AND fully God. WOW! Now you are probably wondering why was He here on earth? Well, because of our sinful nature, we are condemned to an eternity of death and pain (in Hell). But God the perfect creator NEVER STOPPED LOVING US, and because of this love, He gave up His only son, Jesus Christ, to come and rescue us from an eternity in Hell! Jesus saved us by dying on a cross and raising back to life (!!!!) 3 days later. That is the ultimate sacrifice: being painfully tortured and hung on the cross for a bunch of sinful humans. Because of this sacrifice, we are able to accept God's free gift of eternal life! Did you notice how I said "free gift"? That's because we don't have to work for eternal life at all!!! All we need to do is understand, believe, and accept Christ's sacrifice for us.

God created the universe and us.  We messed up.  All humans sin.  We can't reach God because we are no longer perfect.  God sent us a savior.  You can choose to accept God's gift = ETERNAL LIFE !!!!!!!!